Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Back: A Year in Review

It's become typical for stamping bloggers to post 10-12 of their favorite projects at the end of the year.  Since I only posted 37 times my first year, I didn't feel the need since it wouldn't take all that long for someone to look back through them.  This year, however, I've posted 87 times!!  (88 counting this post, of course)  Very cool!  That makes a grand total of 125 posts!  I'd say I achieved my 2012 goal of stamping more often.   :)

I'm simply going to show the pictures of my twelve favorite projects this year.  (in no particular order)  Click on them to go to the original post for more info about each one.

It was actually difficult to choose, because I'm pretty pleased with my output this year.  I managed to acquire lots of new goodies over the past few months, so expect plenty more next year!  Not only that, I have lots of old goodies that need using as well.   No dearth of stamping goodness here!  Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks also for the lovely comments.  It's always fun to share!  Many wishes for a wonderful new year!!


  1. These are all so pretty, but I think my favourite is the first one-- I just can't get over her adorable paper pieced shirt!

  2. Lots of super projects. I think my favorite is the Welcome Home card.

  3. You've assembled so many lovely cards here, Heidi! The striped floral Mother's Day card might be my favorite of the bunch (though they're all beautiful). Thank you so much for sharing your favorites a second time!


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