Friday, August 28, 2015

Stamp-a-Faire 2015: Friday Night Fashion Show

It's time for Papertrey Ink's annual Stamp-a-Faire!  My daughter Emily and I look forward to this event every year.  This time the theme is Project Stamp-a-Faire, a paper fashion extravaganza.  We were challenged to decorate a white t-shirt for tonight's opening event, so we've been working on ours for the past few days.

Actually, I should say that I took a few days.  Emily whipped hers out after school today.  I wish I had that girl's gumption and fearlessness!

My vision was much greater in my head, but I ended up keeping it simple in the end.  I used an old Fabrico inkpad to stamp the large flower from Friends 'Til the End in the center of my shirt and then added two smaller blossoms from Garden of Life on each side.  Because my inkpad was old and bit faint, I traced over the flower outlines with a black fabric marker.  Then I colored them in with other fabric markers.  Pretty simple!  It just took me some time because of my perfectionism.  lol

I accidentally got a  black smudge on the shirt from the corner of my acrylic block.  Nooooo!  That set me back a day trying to figure out what to do.  My daughter got the brilliant idea to add a bee next to the flower, and this cute image from Honey Bees worked perfectly.  Shirt saved!  :)

I actually like Emily's shirt much better than mine!  She took some old foam alphabet stamps that I've had for years and stamped the sentiment "Embrace imperfection" using my Fabrico inkpad.  She then went over each letter with a black fabric marker.  She intentionally made mistakes.  Love this girl!

She stamped an owl using stamps from Wise Owl and Wise Owl Bellies, coloring it with fabric markers.  It turned out pretty cute!  Did I mention I love this girl?  She teaches me so much.   :)

We can't wait to get started with all the fashion-themed challenges tomorrow.  Here's to a fun-filled stampy weekend!

Stamps:  Friends 'Til the End, Garden of Life, Honey Bees, Wise Owl, Wise Owl Bellies (Papertrey Ink); Philadelphia foam stamps (Making Memories)
Ink:  Real Black (Fabrico)
Misc:  fabric markers (Tulip); white t-shirts


  1. Well, Emily should go into production with hers! Adorable! Ann, your shirt is so pretty! Perfect save, by the way! Love the bee!

  2. These are great shirts and I think your daughter's shirt is definitely special. I am not only a perfectionist but have a daughter who teaches me a lot too :).

  3. Adorable! Both of you - and the shirts!

  4. Adorable photos! I hope you have a fun SAF!

    I love the shirts too!

  5. What lovely shirts & fun photos.
    Enjoy the SAF!

  6. How fun.. enjoy SAF!

  7. I love your shirts! They're fabulous!
    Sage & I were both going to make shirts, bit I loved hers more than my idea, so we just made the one! It was stressful, stamping on a shirt!

  8. Fantastic T-shirts for both of you!! I am impressed with your flowers!!

  9. Very cute t-shirts and lovely pictures.

  10. I am so impressed! Love your flowers & the bee actually makes it better! Your daughter is such a cutie & what a great attitude--love her shirt!

  11. Ann and Emily you both did a wonderful job on your tee-shirts. I just love them both. Have a great time together at Stamp A Faire.

  12. Great save with the bee! Both of your shirts are fantastic!


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