Saturday, January 1, 2011

Face the fear and do it anyway

It's the first day of a new year and I'm determined to break the blank-page syndrome and finally make that scary first post. I started setting up this blog two years ago (yes that is TWO) and have been putting it off ever since. About time, huh? Procrastinator, thy name is Heidi. I didn't want to post until I had made my banner and added all the fancy stuff first. Well, I'm not waiting any longer! :D

I've been crafting my whole life (thanks to my mother) and I got hooked on stamping about ten years ago. Based on my stamps versus output, I'm primarily a collector of craft supplies rather than a creator. Anyone else raising their hand about now? lol Okay, so now that my confession is out of the way, this is the year I plan to change that. I wanted to start a blog to share my creations with my sister, join in on stamping challenges/blog hops, and just plain get myself using all my stuff. I'll post whatever I'm doing whether it's stamping, cross-stitch, decorative painting.....pretty much anything I feel like sharing!

So there you go, big scary universe. I've done it and there's no going back! Now to figure out how to actually post a picture......

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  1. Hi Annheidel - just found your blog! It's great! It's fun and very addictive :)


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