Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Easter Candlesticks

There's nothing like moving to help you realize just how much stuff you have, not to mention the unfinished projects! When I rediscovered some Easter candlesticks I had started painting many years ago and set aside, I decided they would make the perfect Christmas present for my mom. Naturally, I mused on that for several months and started finishing them the week before we left for Christmas. Did I mention before that I am a procrastinator? ;)

Thankfully, the bunnies were already painted and all I had to do was add the liner details and 3D elements. I dug around for the missing wood pie
ces (so glad I didn't get rid of that stuff!) and painted the butterfly and flower garland. Once that was done, I glued them on the bunnies and added the felt ears, silk flowers, and raffia.

They turned out super cute! I got the instructions from a April 2001 Craftworks magazine project that was designed by Marilyn Gossett. It didn't take that much time to finish them, so now I wonder why I waited so long!

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