Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I wanted to pop in and post a picture of the Halloween tags in action.  I made some molded candy pretzel broomsticks to give my seminary students.  I used a Wilton kit that I purchased at Michaels.  It came with this fun broomstick candy mold as well as a witch hat mold.  Those little candy spiders were included too.  Aren't they just too fun?

You'll have to pardon the indoor pics.  I took them before the sun comes up since seminary class starts at 6am.  A light tent would sure be nice for moments like that.  Check the two previous posts for details about the stamped tags.  I just had to post a pic today of the finished product.  After all, it is Halloween!   :)


  1. Oh how SWEET! Love the pretzel 'brooms' as great little gifties ... and those tags are oh so cute!


  2. Wow - you amaze me! Wish you were my seminary teacher!


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